Truly the gem of South America, Guyana’s original tropical forest, incredible wildlife, and unique approach to eco-tourism make it a destination that can’t be missed. From monkeys to motmots, wild cats to river otters, and butterflies to hummingbirds, Guyana teems with life and beckons to be explored.


Conservation Corner

Mercury Abatement
Mercury contamination resulting from small-scale gold mining continues to be a critical environmental threat in Guyana. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Guianas works to abate the impact of gold mining, along with promoting sustainable fisheries, marine turtle conservation, protected areas planning, and land acquisition.

Makushi People
Amerindian communities of Makushi people are found throughout North Rupununi, where their ancestors lived for at least 7,000 years.

Forest Conservation
Increasing threats from forest logging are being fiercely opposed by coalitions of indigenous peoples and non-profit organizations like the Rainforest Foundation US.