Venture to the treasured World Heritage site of the Galapagos Islands, and witness for yourself Ecuador’s stunning volcanic archipelago. Join like-minded travelers for a blend of learning and fun on a boat that Naturalist Journeys has chartered.

Burt and Susan Mittelstadt of the folk music duo the Gypsy Carpenters host this grand adventure – an unusual treat! The Mittestats are seasoned Latin American travelers that can help you get the most out of your trip. Expect impromptu evening songs and a trip concert under the stars. The Gypsies currently spend most of their time between Baja California Sur and the Western United States, adding to their music a passion for birding and exploring. They make any trip more memorable and fun. You are guaranteed a fabulous, toe-tapping time with them! And there is simply no place like the Galapagos.

Tour Highlights

  • Travel on a well-appointed and stable yacht
  • Witness myriad seabirds as they court, nest, feed, and care for young
  • Take on the challenge of identifying Darwin’s finches
  • Look for the Galapagos form of Short-eared Owl, Galapagos Hawk, and Galapagos Dove
  • See animals like Land and Marine Iguanas, Sally Lightfoot Crab, and the massive Galapagos Tortoise
  • Snorkel in secluded coves among brightly-colored fish, and perhaps even dolphins and turtles
  • Be awed at the archipelego's volcanic geology — compare “old" and "new" islands and admire their stark beauty
  • Explore mangrove lagoons by small boat
  • Spend time at the Charles Darwin Research Station to learn about conservation efforts, like controlling introduced species, including cats, goats, rats, and pigs

Photo credits: Banner: Exploring the Galapagos, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Charles Darwin Research Station by Woody Wheeler; Blue-footed Boobies by Peg Abbott; Waved Albatross, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Marine Iguana, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Sally Lightfoot Crab by Bud Ferguson; Sea Lions by Greg Smith; Magnificent Frigatebird by Bud Ferguson; Galapagos Beach by Greg Smith.