Journey into the ultimate wildlife watching destination of Tanzania in search of iconic animals like Elephant, Wildebeest, Common Zebra, Buffalo, mongoose, Impala, Gazelle, Hartebeest, Eland, Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Spotted Hyena, Vervet Monkey, Baboon, and so many more. We travel at peak time: Wildebeest are calving and the interactions between predator and prey are intense.

Witness the splendor of Tarangire National Park, perched on a principal migration corridor into the Serengeti and surrounded by wildlife, ancient boulders, baobab, and fig trees. In Lake Manyara National Park we watch for iconic African birds and mammals, and learn about the area’s fascinating geology.

Travel to the Serengeti and visit Olduvai Gorge, so famous for the study of human evolution and one of the most significant anthropological sites in the world, as well as for its incredible wildlife, including 500 species of birds. Ngorongoro Crater, which consists of volcanoes, mountains, plains, lakes, forests, and archaeological sites, is our grand finale. Dotted with watering holes, this incredible area offers shelter to almost 30,000 individual animals … this is a spectacular way to end our journey.

We enjoy lodgings at comfortable safari camps that offer all the creature comforts, yet are still close to the action.

Tour Highlights

  • Spend two nights at Tarangire National Park, the only place in Tanzania where dry-country antelope like Fringe-eared Oryx and Gerenuk are regularly seen
  • Witness spectacular concentrations of wildlife at seasonally-shrinking watering holes
  • Discover Lake Manyara National Park, home to tree climbing Lion, enormous tusked Elephant, Bushbuck, Giraffe, Zebra, Buffalo, Leopard, Impala, and more
  • Enjoy night-time game drives, excellent for spotting a wide variety of animals — many of which are on the hunt
  • Visit Olduvai Gorge with a local guide, and learn about the sequence of important anthropological finds
  • Search for over 500 species of birds in the Serengeti, including Saddle-billed and African Openbill Storks, Lappet-faced Vulture, and Tawny and Martial Eagles
  • Opt for a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti — wow!
  • Bird and wildlife watch from the rim of Ngorongoro Crater, teeming with wildlife
  • Witness the rare Black Rhino in Ngorongoro Crater, as well as many bull Elephant

Photo credits: Banner: Lilac-breasted Roller by Greg Smith; Elephant by Peg Abbott; Cheetahs, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Ground Hornbill, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Eurasian Roller, Naturalist Journeys Stock; African Sunset, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Elephants, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Hippos at Sunset by Peg Abbott.