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An Indian wildlife tour is one that memories are made of. Imagine discovering India’s dizzying array of endemic birds and stunning mammals like tiger and Snow Leopard. From the Western Ghats to India’s “Yellowstone” — Kanha National Park, a journey to India is exotic in every sense of the word. And in addition to India’s wildlife wonders, the cultural experience in this fascinating country is one you will never forget.

Naturalist Journeys is pleased to offer Indian birding tours and Indian nature tours. Contact a travel planner today.


Conservation Corner

India's Important Bird Areas
Important Bird Areas (IBAs) have been identified in India by the BirdLife International partner organization Bombay Natural History Center. Details of India’s IBAs from the book Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Asia: Key Sites for Conservation is available to download.

Nature Conservation Foundation
The Western Ghats are a biodiversity hotspot, as well as home to a dense human population. The Nature Conservation Foundation works to prevent or improve human impacts on wild species and their habitats, addressing the needs of leopards and hornbills, the value of plantations for wildlife, and more.


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