Join us on a new Nicaragua nature tour. Nicaragua’s varied landscapes are strikingly beautiful and provide an stunning backdrop to our explorations; we also make time to learn about the Nicaraguan culture. This Nicaragua tour is based out of two small eco-lodges nestled within private reserves. From our lodgings, we explore rain forest trails, mountain lakes, two different volcanoes, and a variety of cultural sites, all at a relaxed pace. There are few places in the world where you can drive right up to the edge of a living, breathing volcano and Masaya is one of them — a highlight of our tour! We also make time for plenty of bird watching in cloud forest, rain forest, and dry forest that offer a wide array of birds, butterflies, and orchids … Nicaragua is a neotropical wonderland.

Tour Highlights

  • See hummingbirds like Green Violetear, Violet Sabrewing, Violet-crowned Woodnymph, Emerald-chinned Hummingbird, and Blue-throated Goldentail at El Jaguar Reserve
  • Take a boat trip around Lake Apanás to spot plentiful waterbirds and shorebirds
  • Explore two distinct volcanoes; one that is living and the other is dormant, adorned with cloud forest
  • Participate in a special evening excursion to Masaya Volcano to see the lake of lava as the sun sets
  • Spend time at two traditional ceramic making sites and learn about two different styles of pottery
  • Indulge in a chocolate-making workshop — yum!
  • Relax at two private and secluded nature reserves filled with birds and other neotropical wildlife

Photo credits: Banner: Swing Bridge at El Jaguar Reserve by Robert Gallardo; El Jaguar Reserve by Robert Gallardo; Purple-throated Mountain-gem by Robert Gallardo; Mombacho Volcano by Robert Gallardo; Elegant Trogon by Peg Abbott; Montibelli Lodge by Robert Gallardo; Boa by Robert Gallardo; Long-tailed Manakin by Peg Abbott; Masaya Volcano by Robert Gallardo.