Take a cruise through Newfoundland and Labrador’s waters on an unforgettable journey in search of an array of seabirds, dramatic and stunning glacial landscapes, and iconic Arctic mammals like Caribou, Walrus, and even Polar Bear. Nutrient-rich, ocean current upwellings power food-chains that feed whales and many species of seal (Ringed, Harbor, Hooded, and Harp) and support massive breeding colonies of Northern Gannett, Atlantic Puffin, and Razorbill.

Cross from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, looking for shearwaters, storm-petrels, and Northern Fulmar. Visit Gros Morne National Park, known for its fascinating geology and healthy population of Moose; witness Torngat Mountains National Park, the crown jewel of the Canadian National Park network; learn about Inuit culture. Visit Monumental Island and spend time at the historic sites of Hopedale, Hebron, and l’Anse aux Meadows. Immerse yourself in stunning landscapes, colorful small towns, and charismatic wildlife along the way.

This Canadian wildlife cruise fills quickly.

Tour Highlights

  • See a large diversity and numbers of seabirds throughout the cruise, including Manx and Sooty Shearwater, Northern Fulmar, Wilson’s and Leach’s Storm-Petrel, Northern Gannet, Razorbill, Common Murre, and Atlantic Puffin
  • Visit the Tablelands of Gros Morne National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its unique geology and carnivorous plants
  • Cruise through the deep and lengthy Nochvak Fjord, surrounded by the tallest mountains in Atlantic Canada and home to multiple species of seal
  • Enjoy the spectacle of thousands of seabirds and marine mammals feeding near the nutrient-rich upwellings that surround the Button Islands
  • Witness Walrus and Polar Bear at Monumental Island ... wow!

Photo credits: Banner: Kyle Marquardt, courtesy of One Ocean Expeditions (OOE); Torngat Scenic, courtesy Labrador Tourism; Colorful Boats, Willy Waterton, courtesy of OOE; Humpback Whale Fluke, Greg Smith; Polar Bear, Boris Wyse, Courtesy of OOE; Merlin, GS; Acadia, GS; Small Purple-fringed Orchid, GS; Spruce Grouse, GS.