Travel with Naturalist Journeys on this Ecuador birding tour. This beautiful and peaceful country covers some of the best birding in South America. Relax at our favorite lodges in a mix of regions, including Buenaventura, Tapichalaca, and Copalinga. At Jocotoco Reserves, and Cajas and Podocarpus National Parks, witness Ecuador’s remarkable wildlife and stunning scenery and birds. Spot 400+ species of birds, including 40 or more hummingbirds! We also make time to enjoy Cuenca and its lovely local markets.

Tour Highlights

  • Stay at the lovely Puembo Birding Garden in Quito at both the beginning and end of the tour
  • Bird Arenillas National Park for Tumbesian endemics, including White-tailed Jay, Collared Antshrike, and Peruvian Pygmy Owl
  • Explore the Jocotoco Foundation’s Buenaventura Reserve for the elusive Long-wattled Umbrellabird and the highly local El Oro Parakeet
  • Discover Tapichalaca Reserve and look for Jocotoco Antpitta, Golden-Plumed Parakeet, White-capped Tanager, and Gray-breasted Mountain Toucan
  • Spend time in the cloud forest of Podocarpus National Park as you look for Giant Conebill, Crimson-mantled Woodpecker, the endemic Bearded Guan, Purple-throated Sunangel, and several tanagers
  • Relax in private casitas at Cabinas Ecologicas Copalinga, with frenzied hummingbirds feeding right outside your door
  • Take time to explore in the 500-year-old city of Loja, walking through the park-like squares and enjoying time at the local art museum
  • Stop at Cajas National Park near Cuenca, where the high paramo is dappled with over 250 lakes

Photo credits: Banner: Marketplace by Peg Abbott; Yellow-rumped Cacique by Bud Ferguson; Choco Toucan by Peg Abbott; Sparkling Violetear by Peg Abbott; Green Honeycreeper by Peg Abbott; Market Day by Peg Abbott; Spectacled Bear, courtesy; Immature Tiger Heron, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Sunbittern, Naturalist Journeys Stock.