Join Naturalist Journeys for this exciting Belize nature tour. Just a two-hour flight from Miami, Belize offers a rich combination of rich forests and Mayan ruins, and is home to Jaguars and a diversity of tropical birds, mammals, and butterflies. Belize's kind, hospitable people speak English and have a long tradition of caring for their biological wealth. We enjoy time at two of Belize’s finest and best-known naturalists’ lodges: Lamanai Outpost and Chan Chich, nestled in reserves and protected forests, and offering a variety of habitats, Mayan ruins, and tasty food.

Explore Belize’s biological treasures and cultural roots. We emphasize birding, but also explore natural history and Mayan heritage … and some good, relaxing fun. Enjoy extended time at each of the two lodges to ease travel and absorb the special attributes that give them such incredible reputations.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore at the Belize Zoo with native creatures and heart-warming signage
  • Bird from two stunning Mayan temples, surveying the forest canopy from above
  • Indulge at the beautiful Lamanai Lodge, just an easy walk away from impressive Mayan ruins
  • Embark on night excursions looking for several species of bats, night birds, and maybe even a Jaguar!
  • Spend time in a Mayan plaza at Chan Chich Rain Forest Lodge
  • Awake to the sounds of forest-falcons, tinamous, and motmots, right outside your door
  • Hike the trails at Chan Chich, through many habitats in search of parrots, toucans, trogons, and more

Photo credits: Banner: Collared Aracari by Greg Smith, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Barred Forest-Falcon by Narca Moore-Craig; Barton Creek Boating by Narca Moore-Craig; Birding Caracol Archeological Project by Narca Moore-Craig; Lovely Cotinga by James Adams; Keel-billed Toucan by Narca Moore-Craig; Pale-billed Woodpecker by Narca Moore-Craig; Belize Scenic, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Ornate Hawk-Eagle by Narca Moore-Craig.