Join Naturalist Journeys for an adventurous and fun Northern Peru birding tour. This is a NEW! South American birding tour for us and we are excited to explore all that Peru has to offer.

We spend our days exploring a jigsaw of mountains and deeply sliced canyons in search of a treasure trove of beautiful birds. Visit high Andean cloud forests laden with verdant mosses and exquisite orchids for feeding flocks and the mythical Long-whiskered Owlet. Gaze in wonder at Marvelous Spatuletail, Royal Sunangel, and over forty other hummingbird species. Bird the foothills at Waquanki Lodge for barbets, fruiteaters, and toucanets. Visiting Tumbesian, Marañonian, upper montane, cloud, and subtropical forest on this Peru birding trip that covers a variety of altitudes.

This is an incredibly fun birding route full of endless possibilities.

Tour Highlights

  • More details to come. Thank you for your patience.

Photo credits: Banner: Rufous-crested Coquette by Miguel Lezama; Orange-billed Sparrow by Greg Smith; White-necked Jacobin by Sandy Sorkin; Andean Flicker by Xavier Muñoz; Marvelous Spatuletail by Xavier Muñoz; Andean Goose by Xavier Muñoz; Marañon Crescentchest by Xavier Muñoz; Collared Inca by Peg Abbott; Sparkling Violetear by Peg Abbott; Torrent Duck by Jonathan Shagrin; Silver-backed Tanager by Peg Abbott.