This NEW! and exciting trip is a bird survey project and gives participants the chance to assist in professional research under the guidance of field guide author Arturo Kirkconnell, his son, and their team — an amazing chance for birders who have long wished to visit Cuba. We are excited by the opportunity to explore and survey several of Cuba’s most important conservation areas in detail. We hope to see 26 of the 28(+/-) living Cuban endemics, missing only two that are so rare or inaccessible that they are incredibly rare to see (Zapata Rail and Cuban Kite). A highlight of the trip is the chance to research with a professional ornithologist as you explore Cuba's exciting mix of habitats, from beachfront to mountain landscapes. This survey tour is limited to eight (8) people.

Tour Highlights

  • Survey Cuba with expert ornithologists on a small group survey tour
  • Discover an enticing mix of habitats, scenery, and time in Cuba's best birding areas
  • Participate in important field research
  • See nearly all of Cuba’s endemic birds
  • Witness North American migrants and learn about how they use their wintering habitat
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Viñales Valley and Cayo Coco
  • Explore and learn about the biological wealth of the famed Zapata wetlands

Photo credits: Banner: Cuban Trogon by Peg Abbott; Cuban Parrot by Rich Wagner | WildNaturePhotos; Cuban Green Woodpecker by Rich Wagner | WildNaturePhotos; Cuban Oriole by Peg Abbott; Fernandina's Flicker by Rich Wagner | WildNaturePhotos; Cuban Trogon by Peg Abbott; Cuban Bullfinch by Peg Abbott; Cuban Oriole by Peg Abbott; Female Bee Hummingbird by Peg Abbott; Cuban Pygmy Owl by Bud Ferguson; Cuban Gnatcatcher by Peg Abbott; Cuban Tody by Peg Abbott; Cuban Parrot by Greg Smith.


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