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Antarctica and remote islands of the South Atlantic are home to some of the largest wildlife colonies found anywhere on Earth. On the dark sand beaches and in the tussock covered dunes of South Georgia, King Penguin colonies contain more than 100,000 adult birds and their young. To the south, in the remote Weddell Sea region of Antarctica, we find Adelie Penguin rookeries of a similar size and scale. These “mega colonies” are the focus of this unique Antarctic wildlife cruise.

In March 2018, scientists from Stony Brook University and their international colleagues announced the discovery of a previously unknown penguin colony, estimated to contain more than a million Adelie Penguins. Studying detailed satellite imagery of the remote Danger Islands, researchers visited and confirmed the astonishing find. These islands sit at the remote and little-visited northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

While the mega fauna colonies are a highlight of this Antarctic cruise, history can be found at every turn and we visit several important locations containing relics from early exploration and the whaling era. The waters are full of life and we anticipate encounters with both whales and seals. Every day we explore off the ship in Zodiacs, by sea kayak, and by hiking on shore—all in the company of expert guides who interpret and educate us about our fantastic surroundings. We invite you to join us on what promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

Tour Highlights

  • Cruise onboard the RCGS Resolute, a luxury polar expedition vessel
  • See an old whaling camp on South Georgia, walking in Shackleton’s footsteps
  • Witness some of the largest wildlife colonies on Earth, home to King, Magellanic, Adelie, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and Macaroni Penguins
  • Experience outstanding wildlife observation on shore, on Zodiac excursions and from the ship
  • Look for Southern Elephant, Weddell, and Leopard Seals, as well as Humpback and Minke Whales, Orca, and more
  • Visit historic sites and science stations
  • Learn about the environment, wildlife, history, and ecology from polar experts
  • Enjoy sea kayak outings and paddle amid ice floes lit dramatically by the sun (additional cost)
  • Photograph penguin rookeries backed by soaring, snow-covered peaks
  • Cruise past huge icebergs in the icy Antarctic waters

Photo credits: Banner: South Georgia island by Adeline Heymann, courtesy One Ocean Expeditions (OOE); South Georgia Island by Ira Meyer, courtesy OOE; Gentoo Penguins on the March by Greg Smith; King Penguin Colony by Dave Brosha, courtesy OOE; Albatross Colony by Roger Pimenta, courtesy OOE; Striated Caracara (Johnny Rook) by Greg Smith; Weddell Seal by Greg Smith; Spyhopping Humpback Whale by Peg Abbott; King Penguin Welcoming Committee by Peg Abbott; Kayaking in the Antarctic by Peg Abbott; Southern Elephant Seal with Brown Skua by Greg Smith; King Penguin Colony by Greg Smith; King Penguin Welcoming Committee by Peg Abbott.


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