Join Naturalist Journeys for an easy going unpack and relax Southeast Arizona nature tour, based out of our favorite bed and breakfast, the Casa de San Pedro. The pace and itinerary for this tour are loose; do as much or as little as you like!

Enjoy birding, hiking, history, and a sample of local wines as we enjoy the region’s fun local restaurants. Spend pleasant days afield at a relaxing pace, designed for you to still be able to enjoy the Casa and all its charms. Your guide focuses on the birding and natural history of the region, and takes you on some of our favorite walks for a bit more local exploring, blended perfectly with local geology and birds.

January is a stunning time to explore on an Arizona tour; visit Arizona’s Sky Island mountain ranges, a wonderful escape from cold weather and perfectly timed for relaxation after the holidays. What could be more rejuvenating than a week at the Casa de San Pedro!

Tour Highlights

  • See hotspots like Ramsey and Miller Canyons, the feeders at Ash Canyon, the San Pedro River, and more
  • Witness tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes as they feed during the day and fly in at sunset
  • Look for a variety of wintering raptors in the Sulphur Springs Valley at Whitewater Draw
  • Walk trails at Coronado Memorial, local canyons, and on the Arizona Trail
  • Take time to lunch, shop, and explore in the colorful and historic town of Bisbee; see the remarkable Amerind Foundation
  • Indulge in delicious catered meals and dining at our favorite local restaurants … be sure to save room for the Casa’s famed homemade pie!

Photo credits: Banners: Cave Creek Canyon by Steve Wolfe; Naturalist Journeys Stock; Montezuma Quail by Greg Smith; Patagonia, Arizona by Kathy Pasierb; Sandhill Cranes by Peg Abbott; Great Horned Owl by Greg Smith; Long-eared Owl by Greg Smith; Gila Monster by Tamara Winkler; Gila Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin; Pyrrhuloxia by Terry Peterson; Roadrunner by Peg Abbott; Coati by Peg Abbott; Dull Firetip by Pat Owens;


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