The Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce are the richest contributor to Costa Rica’s legendary global biodiversity. No other corner of Costa Rica can match this region’s pristine habitats or sheer number of significant species. Few have explored this rich southwestern part of the country, and new lodges and protected areas have inspired us to design an itinerary to focus on this very wild and beautiful region. Here, lush mountains reach the sea … it is simply a stunning destination.

Whether a first time trip or a new area of Costa Rica to explore, we know you’ll treasure time in this beautiful, easy to get to Central American country. Costa Rica sets high eco-tourism standards as an example for many aspiring nations, with lovely lodges, safe water and food, and highly-trained local guides.

This NEW Naturalist Journeys Costa Rica tour lets you sample the rich southwestern corner of the country, from mountains to the sea. Join us to explore the Talamanca Mountains, the El General Valley, Corcovado National Park, the lush Osa Peninsula, and the eastern side of the Golfo Dulce before Golfito. Our expert guides help you get to know this region in detail. Enjoy a special getaway while you experience this gem of the Central American tropics.

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy an elegant boutique hotel at the start in downtown San José
  • Search for the stunning Resplendent Quetzal as Paraiso Quetzales as we drive the Pan-American Highway south from San José.
  • Visit the farm of the late tropical nature author, Alexander Skutch
  • Witness the renowned Wilson Botanical Gardens, great for both tropical blooms and birds
  • Explore lush forest trails at Piedras Blancas, Osa Conservation area and the remote Corcovado region
  • Take yourself to the beach!

Photo credits: Banners: Green Violetear, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Black Howler Monkey by Peg Abbott; White-necked Jacobins by Sandy Sorkin; Collared Aracari by Greg Smith; Red-eyed Tree Frog by Greg Smith; Collared Redstart by Tom Dove; Ox Cart by Peg Abbott; Green Violetear, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Summer Tanager, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Blue-crowned Motmot by Peg Abbott; Three-toed Sloth by Peg Abbott; White-fronted Capuchin Monkeys by Peg Abbott; Collared Aracari by Willy Alfaro.