“We felt immersed into this land, quickly and easily. It was an adventure of the senses, all the senses, and we felt filled with Panama every day. Leadership … was impeccable.” —Sharon and Park Furlong

Join Naturalist Journeys on a fun Panama birding and nature tour. Discover Panama’s unrivaled birding, rich variety of mammals, amphibians, insects, and plants, and unique habitats — from volcanic craters to lush rainforest and Canal-side jungle.

Live among the birds at Canopy Tower, in Soberanía National Park, a repurposed radar tower ideally situated right in the rainforest. The canopy-level dining area offers views of monkeys, toucans, sloths, mixed flocks, and more, right at eye level! There is also an upper deck, where you can take your morning coffee (or afternoon cocktail), that has 360° degree views of the forest, and a view of the Panama Canal. Early mornings on the top deck boast great views of raptors and parrots taking flight for the day.

Enjoy spectacular Canopy Lodge, where you awake to bird calls in the cool mountain air, with wisps of cloud forest fog and frantically feeding wildlife all around. From here, set off for adventures in El Valle de Antón. This Panama nature tour just can’t be beat!

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy daily excursions to renowned birding areas like Panama’s famous Pipeline Road
  • Let expert guides help you tally a great list of tropical butterflies, frogs, birds, and mammals
  • Bird from Canopy Tower’s open-air “Birdmobile” – yes!
  • Opt-in to night bird excursions and search for Spectacled Owl, Kinkajou, fantastic large insects, and more
  • Immerse yourself in wildlife – on a walk, or from your balcony or hammock ... photo ops abound
  • Ziplining anyone? A rush awaits just next door to Canopy Lodge (optional, of course)
  • Stay on (or come in early) and experience the Panama Canal by boat, even going through two locks

Photo credits: Banner: Geoffrey's Tamarin by Howard Topoff; Yellow-throated Toucan by Greg Smith; Black Howler Monkey by Peg Abbott; Crimson-backed Tanager by Sandy Sorkin; Southern Lapwing by Peg Abbott; Canopy Tower, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Green Violetear, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Red-capped Manakin by Bob Behrstock; Three-toed Sloth by Peg Abbott; Orange-bellied Trogon by Howard Topoff; Birding Panama, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Panama Countryside, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Black-throated Trogon by Carla Bregman.


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