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We invite you to join Naturalist Journeys on this exciting Mexico nature tour. One of the greatest ecological spectacles in the world is the wintering grounds of the Monarch Butterfly in a small area of forest in central Mexico. Over 20-million Monarchs make their amazing yearly migration of more than 2000 miles from Canada and the United States to a small area in the mountains in the highland pine forests of Michoacan and the Estado de Mexico. Each year, a special generation of these extraordinary butterflies discover the same place. It’s a marvel of nature that is not to be missed! There are several sanctuaries that protect these forests and we visit two of them.

In addition to exploring the butterfly sanctuaries on this Mexico butterfly tour, we bird La Cima, for the Sierra Madre Sparrow and Strickland’s Woodpecker and visit the Lerma Marshes, where we look for the beautiful Black-polled Yellowthroat. We also spend some time birding around the Lake Patzcuaro region, looking for central Mexico endemics such as Dusky Hummingbird, Black-backed Oriole, Pileated Flycatcher, Transvolcanic Jay, Russet Nightingale-Thrush, Golden-cheeked Woodpecker, and Striped Sparrow. Beyond birds and butterflies, we have the opportunity to explore more of the staggering Mexican biodiversity, enjoy great food, some amazing arts and crafts, and plenty of adventure.

On this fun Mexico birding tour, we stay in lovely and unique hotels along the way that give us a chance to really settle in and relax during down times, bird the grounds, relax in thermal springs, or enjoy short walks into the local plaza.

Tour Highlights

  • Experience one of the greatest ecological spectacles in the world!
  • Discover the highland pine forests of Michoacan
  • Take in numerous rare Mexican endemic bird species
  • Visit Cerro Pelón where the butterflies are most likely in their highest numbers
  • Bird volcanic peaks, searching for Mountain Trogon and Rusty-crowned Ground-Sparrow
  • Experience Mexico’s rich biodiversity and culture

Photo credits: Banners: Elegant Trogon by Mary McSparen; Monarch Butterflies by Alex Guillaume, courtesy UnSplash; Red-faced Warbler by Mary McSparen; Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl by Mike Boyce; Painted Redstart by Hugh Simmons Photography; Monarchs by Hugh Simmons Photography; Posada Yolihuani, courtesy of the hotel; Russet-crowned Motmot by Peg Abbott; Mountain Trogon by Robert Gallardo; Hotel Agua Blanca, courtesy of the hotel; Blue Mockingbird by Peg Abbott; Black-crowned Night Heron by Sandy Sorkin.


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