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Few places rival Costa Rica’s ecological diversity. Over a quarter of the country is a national park, wildlife refuge, biological reserve, or protected area. And for good reason: Costa Rica boasts 850 bird species, 208 mammal species, 50,000 insect species, and 2,000 orchids.

This new Costa Rica nature trip combines time at two of our favorite lodges: Maquenque Eco-lodge and Bosque de Paz Lodge. Each is remote, offering you an immersion in nature. One is a lowland site surrounding a tropical lagoon, with boat trips and a huge array of species; the other a mountain setting with forest trails and feeders that attract elusive hummingbirds, Black Guan, and even Paca!

We know these two ecolodges well, enjoy their hospitality, and both provide wonderful photo opportunities as well as birding. This is a great, short Costa Rica getaway at the end of winter.

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy a warm welcome to San Jose with airport greeting and a lovely first night hotel
  • Spend three nights at Maquenque Eco-lodge, where we enjoy a boat safari on a big river, feeder and garden birding and walks on the local trails where birds abound!
  • Search for Great Green and Scarlet Macaws
  • Travel through small picturesque towns on the day between lodges, enjoy seeing farms and rural areas
  • Stay in cool, lush cloud forest of the mountains at Bosque de Paz Lodge where a dozen species of hummingbirds and many highland bird specialties away

Photo credits: Banner: Broad-winged Hawk by Peg Abbott; White-neckd Jacobins by Sandy Sorkin; Red-eyed Tree Frog by Greg Smith; Resplendent Quetzal by Greg Smith; Green Violetear, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Amazon Kingfisher by Sandy Sorkin; Laughing Falcon by Peg Abbott; Black-cheeked Woodpecker by Sandy Sorkin; Blue Jeans Frog by Sandy Sorkin; Three-toed Sloth by Howard Topoff; Great Potoo by Sandy Sorkin; Blue-crowned Motmot by Peg Abbott; Silver-throated Tanager by Peg Abbott.


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