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Thank you for your interest! This journey is either underway or complete, but we do have many other tour options for you to choose from.

Join Naturalist Journeys on this incredible Sandhill Crane migration tour. Each year, half a million Sandhill Cranes descend upon Nebraska’s Platte River. By March, 80% of the world’s population crowds a 150-mile stretch of the river, creating a migration spectacle that is simply mind-boggling to witness. This is the largest gathering of cranes anywhere in the world! Here, the cranes rest and feed before they continue on to breeding grounds in Canada, Alaska, and even Siberia.

Among the cranes are over 10-million ducks and geese, bright and beautiful in breeding plumage. This year we time this popular tour a touch on the early side so that our group can have the chance to experience skies full of Snow Geese, too!

We base this Nebraska nature tour out of Lincoln to keep the drive-time down and the airport quiet. It’s a lovely city and galleries and restaurants abound. You may even want to come in early to enjoy the atmosphere and several excellent museums at your leisure.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit National Audubon’s Spring Creek Prairie Reserve and enjoy the pleasant trail system and plentiful feeder birds
  • Witness hundreds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes as they roost, feed, and sing along the Platte River
  • Experience a “crane rise” at dawn as clouds of cranes awake with a symphony of sound
  • See thousands of Snow Geese at Rainwater Basin
  • Opt to visit the Nebraska Museum of art, small, but a treasure
  • Watch the crane spectacle from privately reserved blinds at Audubon’s Rowe Sanctuary

Photo credits: Banners: Sandhill Cranes by Greg Smith; Sandhill Cranes and Snow Geese by Peg Abbott; Sandhill Cranes at Sunrise by Greg Smith; Snow Geese by Peg Abbott; Western Meadowlark by Hugh Simmons Photography; Burrowing Owl by Greg Smith; Sandhill Crane Sign at Rowe Sanctuary by Peg Abbott; Sandhill Cranes on the Platte River by Greg Smith; Snow Geese by Peg Abbott; Sandhill Cranes at Sunset by Ed Pembleton.


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