Discover Morocco. Explore Marrakech’s famous Medina and Souk with your guide, journey across the highest pass in the High Atlas Mountains, bird the breathtaking Sahara, walk palm-fringed wadis for migrants, search for Egyptian Nightjar, Desert Warbler, Crowned and Spotted Sandgrouse, Hoopoe Lark, Cream-colored Courser, Fulvous Babbler, Lanner Falcon, and more. Witness sunrise over the high sand dunes—life changing. Food is delicious and we soak in all of Morocco’s rich nature and culture.

This tour is designed to pair perfectly with our Spain Birding & Nature tour.

Tour Highlights

  • Arrive in Marrakech and get birding right away! Our hotel’s gardens are the perfect place to start your trip list
  • Experience the varied habitats of the High Atlas Mountains, from lush green vegetation to sparse steep slopes
  • Witness the Sahara Desert, with views that take your breath away
  • Experience small patches of greenery deep in the desert, magnets for migrating and resident birds
  • Traverse the desert dunes in 4x4 vehicles
  • Take in the geologic wonder of Gorges du Dades, a stunning, deep-sided valley
  • Indulge a bit—we take time to enjoy the delicious culinary offerings along the way
  • Drive up to Oukaïmeden, a ski resort in the High Atlas Mountains, in search of high mountain species

Photo credits: Banners: Camp by Pieter Verjeij Photography (PVP); Bald Ibis, PVP; Scenic, PVP; Desert Sparrows, PVP; Camels, PVP; Scenic, PVP; Little Owl, PVP; Barbary Macaque, PVP; Hoopoe, PVP; Lizard, PVP; Moroccans with Camel, PVP; Desert Wheatear, PVP; Lizard, PVP.


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