Join Naturalist Journeys on this new Mexico birding tour to Veracruz, the migration crossroads of the Americas, the intersection of diverse biological realms, and a site of historical encounters between peoples of the old and new world. A short flight from the U.S., the State of Veracruz is one of Mexico’s most diverse, with elevations spanning from snow-capped volcanic peaks to sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico coast. We spend our time seeing the wide variety of habitats found in the area of Central Veracruz and have an opportunity to discover the world-renowned Veracruz River of Raptors, the biggest hawk migration site on the planet. Navigate archeological and cultural sites, including the Totonac sites of Cempoala and Quiahuiztlan and the ruins of Hernan Cortez’ first house in the new world. Additionally, learn about the rewards and challenges of bird and habitat conservation being done by conservation partners in Veracruz.

In addition to raptors (over 1,000,000 individual hawks and vultures have been counted here in a single day!) that we see on this Mexico nature trip, Veracruz is a major migration pathway for passerine birds, butterflies, and dragonflies. The region is extremely diverse in bird species and is located at the northern edge of range of many subtropical and tropical species. Spend time at higher elevation pine-oak and cloud forests to fully explore the diverse avifauna of Veracruz and visit a shade-coffee plantation, where we not only enjoy birds, but also excellent coffee and a traditional Mexican lunch. Tour the renowned Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, with its extensive collection of pre-colonial Mexican artifacts from many cultures.

This Mexico tour concludes with an excursion further south into Veracruz, to explore the Los Tuxtlas/Catemaco region, the northernmost extent of true tropical rainforest on the east coast of the Americas. This is one of the most biodiverse habitats of the Americas, that adds more bird species that simply do not occur further north.

Join us for this awesome educational Mexican birding tour to one of the most incredible parts of Mexico. We emphasize birding and observing the migration spectacle, as well as learn about the ancient and modern cultures of this area and enjoy the friendly local people and fantastic cuisine.

Tour Highlights

  • Witness the spectacle of migration, with potentially millions of individual raptors, swallows, pelicans, butterflies, dragonflies, and more
  • Learn from local conservationists about the exciting habitat protection and restoration work being done for the diverse habitats of Veracruz
  • Enjoy the ancient Totonac archeological sites of Cempoala and Quiahuixtlan
  • Visit the fabulous Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa
  • Tour the first house of Hernan Cortez in the new world and the old town of La Antigua, site of the oldest church in the Americas
  • Discover diverse habitats such as coasts and beaches, rivers, savannah, pine-oak forest, and cloud forest
  • Relax on an evening boat ride down the La Antigua River to look for shorebirds, gulls, terns, and herons
  • Bird, sample coffee, and eat a classic Mexican lunch at an old coffee hacienda
  • Learn about the tropical rainforest and its diverse bird community in the Los Tuxtlas/Catemaco region

Photo credits: Banner: Broad-winged Hawk by Peg Abbott; Common Black Hawk by Greg Smith; Migration by Dave Mehlman; Hawk Watching by Dave Mehlman; Gartered Trogon by Peg Abbott; Blue-crowned Motmot by Peg Abbott; Snail Kite by Peg Abbott; Collared Aracari by James Adams.


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