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Join Naturalist Journeys on our always popular Amazon River cruise. Travel far past the reaches of civilization, deep into the heart of the great Amazon rainforest. More than 1,300 bird species, 40,000 plant species, two species of river dolphin, and a plethora of primates are found in this lush, ever-changing realm known simply as “The Amazon.”

While outsiders rarely get to visit the riverbank villages, our guests—under the guidance of local naturalists who were born and reared in similar villages — are greeted like family as we visit local schools and a revered Shaman.

Immerse yourself in the living labyrinth of forests, wildlife, and people along the river. Our boat offers unrivaled comfort while allowing us to responsibly travel deep into the ever-smaller waterways and remote corners of the Upper Amazon Basin.

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the nature and culture of the Amazon with expert naturalists who ensure you learn about the Amazon’s plants, wildlife, people, and history
  • See birds and mammals here so difficult to see in less-pristine areas, from macaws to piping-guans, large woodpeckers, fabulous raptors, and more
  • Explore the fascinating relationship between the river and the people who live along the banks
  • Experience an atmosphere that pulsates with life
  • Cruise in luxury on the Zafiro, built especially for wildlife and bird observation

Photo credits: Banner: Hoatzin by Greg Smith; Three-toed Sloth by Howard Topoff; Red-capped Cardinal by Peg Abbott; Ladder-tailed Nightjar by Peg Abbott; Cream-colored Woodpecker by Peg Abbott; Exploring the Amazon by Peg Abbott; Exploring the Amazon by Peg Abbott; Red Howler Monkey by Howard Topoff; Blue-and-Yellow Macaw by Peg Abbott; Monk Saki by Peg Abbott; Kayaking by Peg Abbott; Hoatzin on Nest, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Oropendola Colony, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Black-capped Donacobius by Peg Abbott.


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