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Our Australia wildlife tour begins at incredible Uluru (Ayers Rock), what a start! Marvel at this famous monolith, then discover fascinating birds and mammals here and to the north along the coast at Darwin and nearby Kakadu National Park. This first part of our journey is rich in aboriginal culture and rock art as well as wildlife. Next on our Australia nature tour, fly west to Perth, and follow a grand circle along the coast and up into the Stirling Ranges, areas replete with endemic birds, grand scenery, and floral splendour. From Perth, fly to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, for delightful days with Koala, Fairy Penguin, and more.

Australia is a BIG continent, and we’ve chosen some of our favorite areas. We also offer a fabulous pre-tour 9-day extension to Tasmania that lets you see another prized region. Our operator is happy to help you with plans for anything else you’d like to add to your trip and for your arrival accommodations. We have allowed you to arrive via a number of flight routes and options to be as flexible as possible. It’s a good idea to rest up from travel, perhaps enjoy some city time at Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, or Melbourne and then be ready to experience Australia’s incredible nature highlights.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Darwin’s Botanical Gardens to find Red-collared Lorikeet, Orange-footed Scrub-fowl, Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove, Rainbow Bee-eater, Sacred Kingfisher, Brown Honeyeater, and more!
  • Look for Chestnut Rail, Rufous Owl, Rainbow Pitta, Forest Kingfisher, Green Oriole, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Blue-winged Kookaburra in north coast mangroves
  • Visit Fogg Dam to see Magpie Goose, Green Pygmy-goose, Pied Heron, Glossy Ibis, and the stately Brolga
  • Experience world-heritage Kakadu National Park, with is impressive escarpments, ancient rock art, and arid-land mammals and birds.
  • Cruise the Yellow Waters Billabong, Kakadu’s best-known wetland
  • Explore the Darling Range for southwest endemic bird species such as Western Wattlebird and Gilbert’s Honeyeater
  • Experience the scenic southern coastline, watching for whales

Photo credits: Banner Photos, courtesy UnSplash; Rainbow Pitta by Pat Kelly; Rainbow Bee-eater by Cindy Marple; Rose-crowned Fruit Dove by Pat Kelly; Blue-faced Honeyeater by Peg Abbott; Brolga by Greg Smith; Glossy Ibis by Bob Hill.


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