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Naturalist Journeys offers small group Guatemala birding tours and Guatemala nature tours. Witness the stunning Resplendent Quetzal, regal-looking Common Black Hawk, boisterous Montezuma Oropendola, and myriad other neotropical birds; mammals like Spider and Capuchin Monkeys are seen regularly, and even Ocelot, Margay, Puma, Jaguarundi, and Jaguar have been spotted in Guatemala.

Naturalist Journeys offers many other Central American Nature Tours, in addition to our Guatemala tours.

Guided Group Tours

Group travel is rewarding and fun! With more eyes you see more species. Travel Planners of Naturalist Journeys and Caligo Ventures have been creating memorable journeys for 40+ years. We offer you small-group birding and nature tours, limited to just 8-10 persons led by expert guides. Learn and explore with like-minded people, enjoy local food and culture, and immerse yourself in birding and nature.

Independent Travel to Guatemala

Independent Birding Ventures (IBVs) are designed for those interested in more flexible dates, or a shorter or expanded itinerary. An IBV is like a “mini-tour”—with guided birding from delightful, small eco-lodges, meals and transport included. Let us do the work, you pick the dates and set the pace. Click here to learn about our IBV and Relaxing Lodge Stay options.


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