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Despite its sometimes roguish image, Jamaica is a beautiful, accessible, and safe birding country, with a range of locations that are almost as intoxicating as the island’s rum. Jamaica has the highest number of endemics for any island of its size, due to the island’s oceanic origins, never having been connected to any other landmass. And although Jamaica is best known for beaches, coffee, and reggae, this island has a huge amount to offer naturalists — it ranks fifth in biodiversity amongst the world’s islands, and many of its animal and plant species are not found anywhere else in the world. A Jamaican nature tour is sure to be a pleasant adventure.

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Conservation Corner

World Heritage Site
Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park’s natural and cultural heritage values resulted in recognition as a World Heritage Site in 2015. The mountains are the traditional home of the Windward Maroons.

Jamaica’s bird life is globally significant. It has the highest number of endemic species of any Caribbean island, while also providing an important refuge for migratory birds. During the northern winter, the native avifauna is almost doubled (to c.250 species) by long-distance migrants from North and Central America.


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