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Selva Verde Lodge - Caribbean Lowlands

Two hours from San Jose lies Selva Verde Lodge. With 500 acres of Sarapiqui Ranforest Preservation area and abundant biodiversity, the lodge is a haven for nature enthusiasts. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, a relaxed atmosphere and an extensive trail network to admire colorful birds and wildlife make Selva Verde a phenomenal stay on your next Costa Rican adventure.

The lodge offers 40 simple, comfortable rooms and bungalows amongst the tropical gardens. The dining room has great views of the Sarapiqui river and serves fresh local fare served three times per day. A separate restaurant is open for dinner offering a variety of Mediterranean dishes and the delightful Selvita bar is well-stocked with fresh juice, cocktails, beer and wine. Be sure to visit the verandah outside the restaurant to watch the congregation of birds at the feeder!

The rainforest at Selva Verde is habitat for over 300 bird species, 120 mammals, countless amphibian, reptiles and insects, and plenty of orchid and tree species. The lodge offers many birding packages and there are many excellent resident naturalist guides who can point out Keel-billed Toucans, Great Green Macaws, Wood Thrushes, Grey-necked Wood Rails, Sun Bitterns and Violet Crowned Woodnymphs. Spend the afternoon on a solo adventure through lush forest with Great Almendro trees and chatty Mantled Howler Monkeys.

Selva Verde is surrounded by eclectic communities at the confluence of Puerto Viego and Sarapiqui rivers, wonderful for an afternoon visit. Boat ride on the Sarapiqui river, visit nearby parks, reserves and gardens or tour the nearby Braulio Carrillo National Park or La Selva Biological Station, protecting 3500 acres of rainforest. After a long day of adventure, relax in the lodge’s new jungle pool.

Why we like it: Conservation of the rainforest is the mission at Selva Verde. Minimizing the impact of their operation on the environment by using solar energy, recycling, biodegradable products, pesticide and chemical free gardening and much more keeps them committed to sustainable tourism.

Amenities: pool, private bath, some rooms with AC and WiFi

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La Quinta Sarapiqui Lodge - Caribbean Lowlands

Converted from an fruit farm operation to a lodge in the early 90’s, the La Quinta Sarapiqui Lodge is a charming 20 acre nationally certified sustainable lodge. With an ongoing native reforestation project, regenerative agriculture operation, old-growth forest and tropical gardens, the lodge attracts a bounty of birds and other wildlife.

The lodge has 36 rooms throughout its bungalows, each surrounded by tropical gardens, palms and flowering trees. Rooms are basic but comfortable with a porch overlooking the gardens, complete with hammocks and chairs.

The lodge has an on-site farm called El Patio where it sustainably farms lamb, chicken, pork and eggs as well as vegetables and spices. The farm enables a fabulous farm-to-table experience for its guests with traditional Costa Rican fare. The restaurant also features a salad bar, fresh fruit juices, and a full bar.

The biological diversity at and surrounding the lodge makes this an excellent birding hotspot. Relax at the lodge to admire the birds as they flock to the feeders or the lodge’s three lakes, or enjoy one of many tours and hikes around the area to see hundreds of bird species and other wildlife. A boat ride along the Sarapiqui River can offer views of some of the 200 species of tropical birds, howler monkeys, sloths, crocodiles and river turtles.

On-site trails lead guests to the butterfly house, a garden that provides habitat for many different species of Costa Rican butterflies, a frog garden where you can see Poison Dart Frog and Green Frog, the vegetable gardens, reforestation areas, and along the Sarapiqui River. For off-site adventures, take a trip to the nearby Braulio Carrillo National Park and world renowned La Selva Biological Station, also nearby are Poas Volcano National Park, La Paz Waterfall, Arenal Volcano National Park, Tortuguero National Park and Tirimbina Rainforest Center. The lodge also offers activities like horseback riding, cultural tours (including a local chocolate tour!), rafting, canoeing, and much more.

This simple yet charming lodge combines biological diversity with comfortable lodging and Costa Rican hospitality—a fabulous base for birders and nature enthusiasts!

Amenities: wheelchair accessible rooms, AC

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Rancho Naturalista - Caribbean Foothills

Rancho Naturalista is known as one of the premier birding lodges in Costa Rica with over 450 species of birds seen on the reserve and around the lodge. Views are spectacular with many hummingbirds seen from the balcony and the great smoking Turrialba volcano in the background. The lodge is an ideal destination for birders, photographers and nature enthusiasts. The lodge is renowned for its inviting atmosphere, phenomenal birding, and great food.

The 125 acre reserve has 15 cozy, tidy rooms throughout four lovely cabins, and a main lodge with a large verandah for bird watching. Dining is family style with delicious home cooked meals. The knowledgeable staff join the group for dinner, making for an evening of great conversation. Temperatures are cooler at a comfortable 3000 feet, so be sure to bring layers!

Enjoy superb birding from the veranda. This is a delight for those that fancy close-up views of hummingbirds and you might see a mixed group of colorful tanagers working the bananas on the feeders. A number of mid-elevation Caribbean-side specialties can be found here. Hope for Passerini’s, Speckled, Bay-headed, Silver-throated, and Summer. White-necked Jacobin are regulars and a special treat is the tiny Black-crested Coquette. Blue-crowned Motmot and Golden-olive Woodpecker are “yard birds”. Indeed, over 200 species have been seen from this balcony! At day’s end, you are likely to see Keel-billed and Yellow-throated Toucans, and Collared Aracari coming in to roost.

Explore the trails solo or take a tour with one of the lodge’s wonderful guides. The reserve has a nice mix of habitats. Open crowns of Cecropia trees afford good looks at species like Green Honeycreeper, Squirrel Cuckoo, and Blue Dacnis. White-ruffed Manakin and Fascinated Antshrike call. One trail leads to hummingbird feeders set up in the forest. Often finding stunning Snowcap, alongside colorful Crowned Woodnymph, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird, and large Green Hermit.

If you’re hungry for more birding, Rancho Naturalista has great information on full day birding trips to Irazu Volcano, Quetzal’s Paradise, Tapanti National Park, Cerro Silencio, and Monumento Nacional de Guayabo.

Also available are activities like white water rafting on the Rio Pacuare, canyoning and zip-lining, visiting the Turrialba market to sample local fare and enjoy the sights, hiking in the Talamanca Mountains and horseback riding.

Amenities: WiFi in main lodge, massage

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Savegre Mountain Lodge - Highlands (Talamancan)

Situated at a cool 7,000 feet above sea level in an isolated and idyllic valley near the town of San Gerardo de Dota lies Savegre Mountain Lodge. This family-run lodge rests along the Savegre River and against the Montane oak forest. In this valley you will find a mix of pristine forest, hillside farms and fantastic views making this one of the best locations in Costa Rica to see a wide variety of endemics.

The Chacon family has operated the lodge for nearly 40 years and takes pride in the lodge’s 41 rooms, restaurant, bar and spa. Beautiful gardens encircle the grounds and the private reserve has an extensive network of trails. Rooms offer basic comfort with private bathrooms and some wonderful views. Enjoy the lodge’s restaurant for traditional Costa Rican fare (the rainbow trout is a must!) or visit a local restaurant down the road.

The lodge is a prime destination for birders and is home to a number of colorful birds, mammals, amphibians, and insects. Visit the extraordinary gardens, relax on the deck and admire the hummingbirds at the feeders, or walk the lodge’s many nature trails, learning about the flora and fauna of the tropical cloud forest. With luck, spot an American Dipper feeding in the rushing trout stream.

Visit the beautiful Talamanca Range forests and their fantastic residents like Flame-throated Warbler, Flame-colored Tanager, Long-tailed Silky-Flycatcher, Black Guan, and Northern Emerald-Toucanet. Throughout the valley, various trails lead to waterfalls, secluded canyons, and mountain vistas.

Enjoy solo birding or join one of the lodge’s fabulous resident guides. Search for Resplendent Quetzal, found in this valley year-round. Journey down trails that wind past rivers and lakes, looking for Collared Trogon, Collared and Slate-throated Redstart, Large-footed Finch, and Sooty Robin. Many species of oaks, bromeliads, lichens, mosses, ferns, orchids and colorful flowers exist here.

Amenities: WiFi at lodge, hair dryers, private bathroom.

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Trogon Lodge - Highlands (Talamancan)

Trogon Lodge is situated in a lush part of the Savegre Valley in the charming town of San Gerardo de Dota. At 7000 feet above sea level, the lodge is perfectly nestled in the tropical cloud forest and home to the Resplendent Quetzal, holy bird of the Mayas.

The lodge offers 25 clean, quiet, and comfortable rooms. Meals are superb using local hydroponic farm greens, herbs, fruits, dairy and honey and serving fresh trout from the many trout ponds. Implementing strict conservation measures, the sustainable lodge has policies in place to protect the rainforest that surrounds it.

Birding is a treat throughout the diverse array of flora and fauna found here. Trek along Rio Savegre for colorful species like Rufous-browed Peppershrike, Long-tailed Silky Flycatcher, Collared Redstart, Northern Emerald Toucanet, and Flame-colored Tanager. The isolated, beautiful valley might encourage pairs of Quetzal feeding on wild avocado trees. Explore trails past rivers and lakes to search for Collared Trogon, Northern Emerald Toucanet, Crowned Wren Thrush, Large-footed Finch, Sooty Robin and American Dipper as well as endemics like Silky Flycatcher, Emerald Hummingbird, Cerise-throated Hummingbird and Peg-billed Finch.

Join a local guide in the morning or afternoon to try and spot some of the more than 170 bird species identified in area.

Insider tip: some rooms are closer to main facilities while others are set in more rugged terrain, let the lodge know if you’ll be needing a more easily accessible room prior to arrival. Nights can be quite cold, so bring layers!

Amenities: WiFi in public areas, shampoo and liquid soap, hair dryer, garden view rooms, shared porch with chairs.

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Maquenque Lodge - Caribbean Lowlands

The family-owned Maquenque Lodge is located within Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge and borders the San Carlos River. The lodge resides on 68 acres of rainforest with a great network of trails. More than 592 species of birds have been seen here!

The lodge caters to simple comfort travelers offering a quiet immersion into nature with a commitment to sustainable tourism. The property features a botanical garden, 15 bungalows which include great views, private bath, and excellent balconies with lagoon views and covered patios. “Tree house” lodging options are also available for the adventurous traveler.

Enjoy delicious dishes in a comfortable environment at the lodge’s restaurant while taking in the panoramic view of the mountains and lagoon. Fruits and vegetables are grown fresh from Maquenque’s garden.

The grounds at Maquenque host a variety of wildlife, including Mantled Howler Monkey, Green Iguana, and Spectacled Caiman. Immerse yourself in resident birds, and the tropical nature of Maquenque. Scan the skies for raptors on the wing, including Broad-winged, Swainson’s, and Short-tailed Hawks. Bird the grounds and surrounding forest—the tropical rainforest has over 410 bird species here! Walking the lodge trails you might find Great Curassow, Great Green Macaw, Green Ibis and Golden-hooded Tanager.

Enjoy creature comforts and some fabulous birding and wildlife. Birding tours are always available and a naturalist guide will take you through gardens, lagoons, and the forest as you scout for exciting species. Boat trips, raft trips, and night walks are also available.

Insider tip: the drive to the lodge is quite long and bumpy

Amenities: pool, private bath.

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Bosque de Paz - Highlands

Just under two hours from San Jose lies the lush jungle paradise of Bosque de Paz, shrouded in cloud and forest. The lodge is located on the Central Volcanic Range and Continental divide between Juan Castro Blanco Watershed National Park and Poas Volcano National Park. The Bosque de Paz Biological Reserve is a natural biological corridor offering some of the finest birdwatching in Costa Rica.

Accommodations are homey and clean in the twelve-room lodge. Rooms are well-furnished with private baths and balconies to enjoy the concert of tropical birds and howler monkeys. The dining room offers flavorful home cooking with a great view of the butterfly garden and great numbers of hummingbirds that flock to the feeders. Socialize in the entertainment room, or relax in the living room while perusing the small library of local natural history. The terrace offers mountain views and wonderful visiting birds.

Over 331 species of birds have been seen here, including Resplendant Quetzal, Scaled Antpitta, Black Guan, Emerald Toucanet, Three Wattled Bellbird, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Zeledonia and Silvery-fronted, Tapaculo, Black-faced Solitaire, American Dipper, Golden-brown Chlorophonia, and endless hummingbirds. The lodge offers a number of birding tours on the 1,000 acre private reserve or guests may choose to explore the various nature trails solo to view surreal cloud forest and Centenarian trees full of orchids and bromeliads. You are truly surrounded by mountains, valleys, and waterfalls here with wildlife at your fingertips.

The orchid garden is a treat here and the lodge has developed a research project with orchid specialists and naturalists. There is also fantastic access to the Arenal and Poas volcanoes, Carara National Park, Sarapiqui and Jaco Beach here. The Gonzalez family own and operate the Bosque de Paz and personally tend to each guest while helping to share the natural wonders of their surroundings.

Amenities: WiFi

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Fondavela Hotel - Highlands

The family-owned Hotel Fondavela is set on an exquisite property with stately trees overlooking a densely forested valley, in a great location, just one kilometer from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. On this 35-acre property—the Smith family’s former dairy farm—you will find lush cloud forest and verdant pastures that are excellent for birding and walking.

Elegant and very spacious guest rooms and suites have luxury amenities like huge picture windows to bring in the beautiful views, a mini-bar, coffee maker, cable TV and telephone. The pleasant dining room has huge glass windows so that you can enjoy the outdoors and bird watch at mealtimes.

Other hotel facilities include an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzis, spa, and a bar with a pool table. Hotel Fonda Vela is decorated with more than 450 paintings of Warren Smith, the hotel owners’ father and an early settler of the property, along with works by other artists of the Monteverde community that reflect the rare beauty and tranquility of the cloud forest.

We like the Monteverde area for IBV’s as several reserves had well-trained excellent bird guides. There are enough areas to explore for several days, varied in terrain and species. And you can bird just out your door in the hotel’s tropical gardens. This is a well-situated mountain retreat , connected to pristine nature and a great location for also for your companions if not birders, to seek adventure and relaxation.

Amenities: TV, pool and spa, bar, views

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Trapp Family Lodge - Highlands

Location can be everything! In the heart of the biodiverse Monteverde cloud forest, the Trapp Family Lodge is the closest hotel to the stunning Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. The personalized service and warm family-oriented atmosphere of this attractive wood-beamed, Swiss-style chalet are a welcome invitation to guests. The lodge holds four levels in Costa Rica’s Sustainable Tourism Program.

Spacious guest rooms are comfortably outfitted with two queen-sized beds, fine wood furnishings, cable TV, a telephone and hair dryer, and have private balconies or terraces.

The family-style restaurant offers local and international dishes that can be enjoyed while viewing the majestic Monteverde cloud forest through floor-to-ceiling windows. There is also a cozy bar and lounge area with a wood-burning stove.

Start your exploring and birding with a guided tour of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve for a chance to spot Resplendent Quetzals, some impressive mixed flocks and an array of hummingbirds. Hiking, guided tours, butterfly, hummingbird and orchid gardens are all available in Monteverde and there are good local guides.

Amenities: TV, Wifi, bar, rooms with balconies or terraces, views

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Cano Negro Natural Lodge - Caribbean Lowlands

The Cano Negro Natural Lodge is the closest hotel to the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge, one of the most important wetlands in the world and included on the list of Wetlands of International Importance by the RAMSAR convention. The area is just magnificent with vast lagoons, rivers, and rainforests.

The lodge offers many rooms, all spacious and clean with basic furnishings. Dine in the relaxed atmosphere of the Jabiru restaurant, offering a variety of traditional and international dishes and enjoy refreshing drinks at the nearby Congo Bar.

Relax in the pool or visit the local frog pond. The hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens and lush nature—paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and birders. Stroll the well-maintained grounds and lovely gardens looking for raptors, parrots, flycatchers, tanagers, hummingbirds and of course, playful Howler Monkeys.

The Cano Negro wetland is known for its blend of resident and migratory bird species. The canopy and bushes around the lodge offer excellent birding with views of Spot-breasted Wren, Greenish Elaenia, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Gray-headed Dove, Yellow-throated Euphonia, Red-legged Honeycreeper, Black-cheeked Woodpecker, Great Potoo, Lesser Yellow-faced Vulture, Sungrebe and Red-lored Parrot.

Join a great high-quality tour with the lodge which offers a chance to see many more species. Don’t miss the many lagoons which offer an abundance of birds feeding in the rich waters. Green-and-Rufous Kingfisher, American Pygmy-Kingfisher, Neotropic Cormorant, Anhinga, Snowy Cotinga, Slaty Spinetail and more can all be seen here. The Cano Negro lagoons are also home to Emerald Basilisk, Spectacled Caiman, American Crocodile, Nicaraguan Slider-turtle, Greater Fishing-bats, Neotropical River Otter, Hoffman’s Two-toed Sloth and Brown-throated Three-toed sloth. Boat tours, night tours and canoe tours are all available here and the hotel has a great birding list on its website.

Amenities: Pool, AC, WiFi

Insider tip: The best time to visit is the dry season as more birds flock to the remaining water.

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Bougainvillea Hotel, San Jose - Central Valley

10 minutes from downtown San Jose, the Bougainvillea Hotel is a hidden gem and the perfect place to begin or end your Costa Rican adventure. The hotel is set within a ten acre award-winning tropical botanical garden that attracts a multitude of birds and butterflies.

Bougainvillea offers spacious rooms, friendly service, and spectacular birdy gardens just outside the door. The eco-friendly hotel upholds its commitment to our planet and hospitality.

The hotel garden has great variety of tropical plants to attract butterflies and birds as well as pineapple, papaya, banana, cocoa and coffee plants. Seven different colors of Bougainvillea flower exist here! Watch for speedy hummingbirds, Pitanguas, and colorful Tanagers. The garden also includes several ponds where the hotel works to preserve endangered frog species like Forreri’s Leopard frog, Blue-sided tree frog and Brilliant forest frog.

Though the garden is the main attraction, the hotel restaurant is a delight and features a variety of tasty dishes with a relaxed and well-stocked bar area.

Why we like it: just minutes from San Jose, this hotel is a comfortable and natural urban setting to start or end your journey in Costa Rica.

Amenities: WiFi, pool, gym, restaurant and bar

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Tapirus Lodge - Caribbean Foothills - An alternate Lodge in similar habitat when Rancho Naturalista is full

Tapirus Lodge is the only natural lodge with quick proximity to birding trails of the magnificent and diverse Braulio Carrillo National Park. This lodge shares facilities and services with the Rainforest Adventures eco-adventure park, with which you share the dining area, hummingbird and butterfly gardens, orchid gardens and more. Off-hours for the rainforest tram, you have it all to yourself. The hummingbird garden is superb for photography – including views of the beautiful Snowcap!

The rooms are located in the middle of the forest for a comfortable stay in prime mid-montane birding habitat and you have great views of the rainforest from each unit.

The adjacent eco-adventure park offers different types of activities that can be offered to the lodge guests, such as hiking tours, aerial tram rides, zip lining and more.

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Arenal Observatory - Caribbean Foothills

Like Monteverde, the Arenal Area is a good one for birders that travel with companions wanting other activities to do. Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is positioned between the massive Arenal Volcano and blue Lake Arenal and features stunning views of both. The comfortable eco-lodge is the only hotel that is located inside the Arenal Volcano National Park and the perfectly shaped cone of Arenal Volcano commands nearly every view at the hotel. Beautiful Lake Arenal with its many little islands sits to the west, creating perfect sunset panoramas.

Resting on a ridge amid tall pine trees and rainforest, Arenal Observatory Lodge has its own 870-acre private reserve. It is renowned for bird watching in Costa Rica with more than 400 species of birds sighted in their reserve. Plenty of other wildlife lives in the area, including three kinds of monkeys, anteaters, coatis, raccoons, and deer, which you can see hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking on 11 km (7 miles) of well-maintained trails.

The hotel offers an ample variety of comfortable accommodations for couples, families or groups with modern amenities and front-row views of beautiful nature. The gardens and landscaping are extravagant with color, and an infinity pool melts into the rainforest. Guests enjoy soaking in the sunken Jacuzzi beneath a glass gazebo framing the volcano’s peak against a starry sky. Dining at the restaurant is a delight with floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide deck to enjoy the breathtaking vistas. The menu highlights Costa Rican cuisine exquisitely prepared by their chef.

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Celeste Mountain Lodge - Caribbean Foothills

Celeste Mountain Lodge sits high atop a mountain that affords impressive views of the Tenorio and Miravalles volcanoes and the small village of Bijagua in the valley below. Its property of 17 acres (7 hectares) of gardens and protected primary rainforest borders other protected areas, resulting in deep jungle encompassing the lodge on three sides. The access road to the lodge has been paved.

One of the lodge’s main features is its well-maintained 2 km hiking trail into the primary rainforest that offers opportunities for viewing the area’s abundant wildlife, such as howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys, toucans, parrots, hummingbirds, coatis, and tapirs. The vegetation is also magnificent with centennial trees and huge vines.

The lodge's design is contemporary and innovative, built in an open-air and ecofriendly style. Celeste Mountain Lodge is one of TripAdvisor's top hotels in Costa Rica for efficient and friendly service and a Silver-level Green Leader for its environmental policies. All 18 guest rooms, housed on two floors in one building, enjoy the same beautiful southwest views of the two volcanoes, rainforest, the valley below, the lodge's gardens, and the sunsets. Celeste Mountain Lodge’s philosophy is that good eating must be part of an enriching travel experience, so all meals – featuring their signature Tico-fusion cuisine – are included in their rates.

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Villa Lapas - Pacific Lowlands

Situated in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica and one hour from San Jose, Villa Lapas Jungle Village offers its guests an immersive jungle experience. The lodge is located on the Tarcoles River and adjacent to the Carara National Park, making it a great base from which to explore the Costa Rican landscape.

A large number of rooms and suites surrounded by 500 acres of private rainforest are available. Lodging here is simple and comfortable with spacious rooms, wooden furnishings, and world-class views. Dine at the lodge’s Casa del Rio restaurant, which overlooks the river and enjoy a tropical after dinner cocktail at the adjacent bar, or leave the grounds to sample a nearby restaurant.

Over 400 species of birds have been seen here and the lodge is home to a great variety of native species like flamboyant Scarlet Macaws, Toucans, Parrots, Aracaris, Kingfishers and Herons, White-winged Doves, Mangrove Cuckoos, Crested Owls, Crimson-fronted Parakeet, Black-hooded Antshrike, and Costa Rican Swift. View other wildlife species here too like White-face Capuchin Monkeys, Peccaries, Anteaters, Poison-arrow Frogs and Crocodiles.

The lodge offers great birdwatching tours and has an excellent online bird checklist. Experience the forest’s great biodiversity with the Sky Way Tour—a guided walk through the jungle by way of several suspension bridges to view numerous species of birds, mammals, reptiles and plants. Additionally, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding and ample hikes are also available, or relax and enjoy the rhythm of the jungle poolside.

Naturalists delight in the lodge’s tropical and dry Pacific ecosystems and there is much to see and do here at this quaint jungle paradise.

Amenities: AC, Smart TV with cable, WiFi, pool

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La Ensenada - Pacific Lowlands

Located in the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific Coast in Puntarenas and two hours from San Jose lies La Ensenada lodge. This family-run livestock, salt and fruit farm is a great mix of relaxation and exploration among Costa Rican country life.

The small cabanas are comfortable and clean and tasty home-cooked meals are served buffet style. Guests might choose to relax in the pool or stroll the well-kept grounds. This serene farm by the ocean offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere and the dark skies make for delightful stargazing.

The highlight here is the wildlife surrounding the lodge. There are four marked trails throughout different habitats of the reserve where some can view Long-tailed Manakin, White-lored Gnatcatcher, Pacific Screech Owl, Pygmy Owl, Mot Mot, Squirrel Cuckoos, Orioles, and Scrub Euphonia. Opt for a boat tour to see Crested Caracara, Common Black Hawk, Peregrin Falcon, Osprey, Laughing Falcon, and Mangrove Swallow. Many monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, and crab-eating raccoons are often spotted too.

Soak in great views of the Gulf of Nicoya from the porch, learn about salt harvesting from the salt water while attracting shorebirds, visit a nearby town or take a horseback ride around the farm and surrounding forest. This small farm and lodge is a great birder’s stay!

Amenities: WiFi, pool

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