We invite you to join Naturalist Journeys to discover Australia on this Queensland nature tour adventure. Australia’s isolation and harsh environments have led this continent to produce some of the most unique wildlife on the planet. Enjoy time searching for koalas, rosellas, bowerbirds, fairywrens, kookaburras, and lyrebirds. We also explore lush forests and beaches at Iron Range National Park and savannas and wetlands at Lakefield National Park.

This tour is designed to combine with our East Coast Specialties tour, Sept. 7 – 16, to explore rainforests at Lamington and ironbark woodlands in Capertee.

More details will be available soon. Thank you for your patience.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Iron Range National Park’s woodlands, teeming with birds and hemmed by white-sand beaches
  • Look for two members of the riflebird family, including the stunning Magnificent Riflebird
  • Search for nocturnal mammals like Striped Possum, Rufous Spiny Bandicoot, and Sugar Glider, as well as birds like Rufous and Masked Owl, Marbled Frogmouth, and Large-tailed Nightjar
  • Discover Lakefield National Park as you look for Emu, Great Bowerbird, Pale-headed Rosella, Red-winged Parrot, as well as Antilopine Wallaroo, Agile Wallaby, maybe even Cape York Rock Wallaby
  • Spend time at Kingfisher Park, a hotspot, home to dozens bird species, including many different types of honeyeaters

Photo credits: Banner: Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Sugar Glider by Alex Vargo; Kookaburra by Greg Smith; Eastern Gray Kangaroo by Alex Vargo; Brogla by Greg Smith; Eclectus Parrots by Alfred Schulte, courtesy Inala Nature Tours; Golden-shouldered Parrot by Alfred Schulte, courtesy Inala Nature Tours.