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Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, covering almost 1-million square miles and comprising the western third of the continent (which is an area larger than Western Europe). More than 500 bird species have been recorded here, including 18 endemics and many other sub-species, near endemics, migratory, and other highly sought-after species. This tour concentrates on the south-western corner of the state, where most of the endemics can be located. The southwest of Western Australia is also one of the world's biodiversity hotspots, with some of the richest and most unique plant and animal life on earth.

There are about 13,000 species of plants in Western Australia, many of which are yet to be formally named. Although primarily a birding tour, this trip also provides opportunities to see unique mammals and flora. The timing of our 2019 tour has been timed to adjoin the Australian Native Plant Society (Australia) ANPSA conference which is held in Albany from Monday, Sept. 30 to Fri., Oct. 4 2019. Collection from Albany can be arranged for those wishing to join the conference. This tour is offered in partnership with Inala Nature Tours and is designed to pair with our Wild Tasmania trip, Oct. 12 – 21, 2019.

Tour Highlights

  • Look for the “Big Three” western bird specialties — Western Whipbird, Noisy Scrub-bird, and Western Bristlebird — at Cheynes Beach
  • Take a spotlighting trip for Spotted Nightjar, Tawny Frogmouth few mammals, frogs, and reptiles
  • Visit Albany to search for shorebirds and seabirds
  • See a Malleefowl mound near Jerramungup
  • Explore the Dryandra Woodland to find Western Rosella, Blue-breasted Fairywren, and Numbat
  • Search Perth’s wetlands for Blue-billed, Musk, Pink-eared, and Freckled Duck, and of course, waterbirds and waders

Photo credits: Banners: Baudin's Black Cockatoos by Peg Abbott; Wombat, Naturalist Journeys Stock; Stirling Mountains by Greg Smith; Cheyne's Beach by Peg Abbott; Superb Fairy-Wren by Peg Abbott; Tawny Frogmouth by Alex Vargo; Red-eared Firetail by Bernie O'Keefe; Red-capped Robin by Bernie O'Keefe; Pink-eared Duck by Alfred Schult; Splendid Fairy-wren by Greg Smith.


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