These special Cuban tours engage travelers with Cuba’s people, and include a strong focus on nature and birding — quite unique among this type of tour. Spend time in the country, as well as in the historic sections of Santa Clara, Trinidad, and Havana. Explore mountains, the coast, and the diverse areas of Zapata. Visit the island’s most pristine and beautiful natural areas, from the lush Vinales Valley, to the Sierra de Escambray, to the Bay of Pigs, and the wetlands of Zapata. In partnership with International Expeditions’ people-to-people program, we look forward to meeting local naturalists, biologists, farmers, musicians, artists, and others.

Naturalist Journeys currently offers two types of legal Cuba tours —a Cuba people-to-people tour and a Cuba research tour. For more information on a Cuba tour or other Caribbean birding tour, contact us today.


Conservation Corner

Cuba Conservancy
For 15 years Cuba Conservancy has worked with in-country partners to preserve and protect the biodiverse and ecologically healthy ocean ecosystems of Cuba for a sustainable future.

Bee Hummingbird
The Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world and found only in Cuba. Also known as the Zunzuncito or Helena Hummingbird, its status is near threatened due to deforestation and habitat modification.

Vinales National Park features a maze-like series of mogotes — tall, rounded, tower-like limestone hills dotted with waterfalls and caves that rise from a flat alluvial plain. Once part of a vast limestone plateau, mogotes are unique ecosystems with endemic plants, mollusks, and Cuba’s ancient cork palm.