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Head high into the Himalayas in the north of India on a journey that can't be beat. Search for Snow Leopards in Hemis National Park; experience homestays at different villages nestled in the mountains; search for the rare Tibetan Wild Dog, Himalayan Ibex, Ladakh Urial, Tibetan Wolf, and Red Fox; as well as Black-billed Magpie, Chukar, soaring Golden Eagle, White-winged or Guldenstadt’s Redstart, and more. Spot Ibisbill at the Indus River and continue your Snow Leopard search at Hemissukpachan.

Tour Highlights

  • Search for Sind Sparrow, Rufous-fronted Prinia, Spotted Crake, Ballion’s Crake, Black-necked Stork, Sarus Crane, Eurasian Wryneck, and Isabelline Shrike near New Delhi
  • Spend time acclimatizing at the beautiful Grand Dragon hotel in Lek
  • Camp on the Husing riverfront looking for Snow Leopards and other high-altitude wildlife and birds
  • Look for Tibetan Partridge and the rare and elusive Eurasian Lynx as you enjoy tea at the Yurutse monastery
  • Search for Himalayan Ibex near Wuleh

Photo credits: Banner: Chukar Partridge by Avijit Sarkhel; Snow Leopards by Avijit Sarkhel; Tibetan Wolf by Avijit Sarkhel; Blue Sheep by Avijit Sarkhel; Golden Eagle by Avijit Sarkhel; Blue Sheep by Avijit Sarkhel; Himalayas by Avijit Sarkhel; Winter Wren by Avijit Sarkhel; Large-eared Pika by Avijit Sarkhel.