June is one of the most exciting months to be in Yellowstone, as the vast herds of elk are calving, attracting large predators and scavengers to the Lamar Valley and other prime areas. It is a reliable time to see both Black and Grizzly Bears, Gray Wolf, Golden Eagle, and more. Birds are nesting and easier to find as they sing and call: beautiful species such as Pine Grosbeak, Western Tanager, Mountain Bluebird, Lazuli Bunting. Harlequin Ducks swim rushing rapids; Badger and Coyote den and have young – everywhere a vibrancy of life. Enjoy lodgings close to the action, at gateway communities of Gardiner and Cooke City.

Tour Highlights

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Photo credits: Banners: Yellowstone Falls by Greg Smith; Bison by Peg Abbott; Yellowstone Scenic by Carlos Sanchez; American Dipper by Carlos Sanchez; Grizzly Bear by Carlos Sanchez; Pronghorn by Peg Abbott; Golden Eagle by Greg Smith; Black Wolf by Greg Smith; Black-headed Grosbeak by Carlos Sanchez; Scenic by Carlos Sanchez.


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